Brought up in the world of Theater, Erica Coronado-Gilliand began her career majoring in Literary Theater, and minoring in Costume Design. Working alongside industry professionals in the Florida Theatrical Association, Erica began working with touring Broadway performances as a wardrobe assistant in shows such as: The Jersey Boys, Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein, and Disney on Stage.

While assisting in wardrobe, Erica set out to also work in the real world and majored in Business Marketing at St. Petersburg University. Completing her A.A. & B.A. in Marketing, Erica began using her creative talents towards developing websites, design, and social media marketing at creative agencies. With a focus in Digital Marketing, she moved to Los Angeles were she started her career in copywriting, branding, and online marketing.

Excited to propel her self forward, Erica still collaborate with local fashion enthusiast, models, illustrators, designers, and other artists to keep expanding her portfolio and to continue being part of the ever changing media industry.

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I love design and although I didn’t go to school for it, I did teach myself everything I know.

I love websites and the different elements that enable them. WordPress is my best friend!

The Creative Cloud is my life, I couldn’t live without and a lifesaver :)

Erica Coronado The Creative Log