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Dram Apothecary Krumpus Event

December 22, 2015

Located in the heart of Silver Plum, CO-Dram Apothecary a small tasting room high in the mountains threw their second annual Krumpus Holiday Market event with local Colorado vendors selling unique products. Although small but quaint the Dram tasting room is a very intimate and cozy little bar that’s famous for it’s bitter flavors and syrupy drinks.

I wanted to experience this event with some friends that just arrived in Denver earlier in the week and we thought it would be a great way to start of the Christmas and Holiday festivities in the mountains. Slippery and snowy up the mountain we went to get a chance to experience a once lonely ghost town now alive again luring people in with its majestic old charm.



The Smell of Vegan Goodness

As we arrived in Silver Plum, we couldn’t help but smell the smell coming from one of the food truck parked right in front of Dram. We decided we’d all grab a bite and warm up our bellies to fight off the chilly vibes in this mountain town.




Checking Out the Holiday Market

Along with the holiday market, The Denver Fashion Bus-a local retail store on wheels was hanging outside the holiday market with tons of cute goods for sale. We also noticed the warmth coming from the bus and couldn’t resist but to peek in to see what they had for sale. After checking out the bus we made our way over to the Holiday Market to say hello to some old friends and new one’s as well. Puff’s Preserves a local boozy jam retailer was handing out some delicious samples and she so happens to be a friend I’ve collaborated with in the past-so I couldn’t help but snap a quick shot of the owner while she shared her passion for preserves with some customers.





Good Bye Sweet Town

After grabbing some coffee to warm us up for our trip back home we decided to take some last minute pictures of the town and of course a few selfies of the gang.  As the sun went down we raced back to the car to get warm before the once ghost town took our warmth away! Until next time Silver Plum-stay sweet.








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