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Simple Thanksgiving for Two

November 27, 2015

When you happen to live far away from your family, and your friends are celebrating with their loved ones, the best thing to do is put together a tasty simple Thanksgiving dinner for two! Three if you count our pug-Emma.

First thing is first and that’s to start a fire. It was a cold and snowy day on Thanksgiving in Denver, Colorado this year so we took pleasure in cooking up a toasty fire in the living room. While we watched Ash vs. Evil Dead on Showtime, we got cozy and prepared for a night in on this snowy holiday.


Rob prepped a nice fire while we put the yummy food in the oven to cook. We decided to make a Thanksgiving bowl with: stuffing, chicken, carrots, corn, combined in a bowl along with a side of yams and marshmallows with buttery biscuits. The one holiday you can’t feel guilt for eating butter, cheese, or bread.



While we waited for dinner to be ready, I had to get toasty in front of the fireplace myself with the company of Emma-a fireplace lover herself. I’ve never seen a dog so accustom to the sound of fire crackling and warm temperatures rising. After this photo she passed out at the foot of the fire.


Boot’ s Off My Wish List

After much struggle in making the decision to purchase these boots-I decided to give in. Santa definitely came early this year and my want to get these boots off my wish list surfaced right before Black Friday. There’s one thing I love to invest in and that’s good quality shoes. These FRYE boots were all I need this year and I couldn’t be happier to break them in.



The Pug is NOT Shy

When owning a pug there’s never a dull moment. Yes they make funny noises, are super goofy, and love food, but their even better at posing for the camera. Taking these photo’s of her was super easy because she was already laying by the crackling fire. With a little motivation Emma will do what you ask of her-being a stubborn pug, we trained her at a young age to be well behaved which has always payed off. This pug is definitely not shy.

thanksgiving_dinner_for_two-25 thanksgiving_dinner_for_two-26Dinner is Served!

Only an hour cook time and our Thanksgiving for Two was ready to eat. One of the hardest parts about making holiday dinner’s for a couple is having way too many left overs-this time we made the perfect amount just enough for a little left overs. While dinner was being prepared I decided to get a little crafty with the dinner table and WAH-LA! A bohemian dinner styled Thanksgiving theme for two.

thanksgiving_dinner_for_two-27 thanksgiving_dinner_for_two-29 thanksgiving_dinner_for_two-30 thanksgiving_dinner_for_two-31

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  • Corinne November 28, 2015 at 11:18 pm

    I honestly don’t know what I love more, the boots or the pug!

    Corinne x

    • Erica Coronado November 28, 2015 at 11:23 pm

      Aww two great things I must say :)

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