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July 28, 2015

A well made friend in the heart of Denver asked me to collaborate with her and of course I could not resist! This beautiful ethnic lady from Indian decent is no other than published writer, Nishi Fatima. This gal is not only one smart woman, but she’s a beauty, no? Well whatever your opinion might be this girl loves to eat cheese with one hand while diminishing stereotypes with the other.

What I love about Nishi is that she’s trying to combat modern Moozlum, culture, millennialism, being Indian American, gender, feminism, and tweeting about ignorant remarks both socially and newsworthy events. If that’s a lot to swallow for you than maybe she’s not your cup up tea. But I mean she was just published by the Huffington Post!-So really, how could you not be impressed with her roaring achievements? Did I mention she’s a Doctor as well? Yea, this babe totally has it going on.


Currently her blog, The Anecdoubtal focuses on events in the news that make you question our human existence but Nishi puts a comedic twists to these unjust headlines. Did I mention she also shares some really funny GIFs? Yes.. who doesn’t like GIF’s? I know I do! Aside from the laughs and giggles on her site this girl has impeccable Style.  We connected to photograph a look in her neighborhood. Luckily, she had this A M A Z I N G salmon colored dress with embroidered detail around the waistline from Jarlondon! Go check them out, they have some great looks this season.

So although this cultured beauty holds a job as a Doctor she was able to manage to squeeze me in for a quick photo-shoot session with me while we talked about the unfair laws, discriminating outlooks on our society, all while giggling over Tinder dates.


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  • Melissa July 29, 2015 at 12:10 am

    Such a trendy outfit of Nishi Fatima, such an amazing fashion sense. Looking forward to the next article of TheCreativeLog.

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