Summer Solstice

July 5, 2016

Before Summer there’s Spring, and what better time to plan a shoot with a beautiful friend then before the summer’s heat makes you break a sweat! Two ladies with an idea for sharing this year’s summer fashion trends was at the top of our list. Nicole and I decided to find a secret location in LA that i’ll have to keep on the hush because it’s a gem that’s hard to find in the bustling city of Hollywood.

With that in mind we put together some colorful summer trends like floral print, flowy dresses, and patterns that make you say “wow”! With a secret location, a few outfits, and a love for summer we set up a day to run around town and make our ideas come to life. Cheesy as it sounds, we actually love to express our love for fashion, creativity, and adventure.

fashion editorial

The first scene was literally a scene from a fairy tail romance novel or maybe a secret garden, either way…it was breathtaking! With deep blues in the dress and a tile pattern the dress really went well with the scene in this look.

A close up never looked so good on Nicole, as I threw my favorite hat on her and called for a close up of her in a aztec patterned wool jacket perfect for an outing like this day. My favorite part of this look is actually the blend of pink and shimmer we used for her lips.


we then moved to another part of our secret location and used one of my personal items in my wardrobe collections this beautiful floral printed and vintage inspired dress. With a flowy shape and a waist band belt, what’s not to love of this one of a kind dress?


And last another take of the first outfit was taken while Nicole played at this gorgeous fountain on the grounds. If I could live in this secret garden I would in a heart beat-heard of tiny houses anyone? Count me in!


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